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There And Back Again: A Meeting With The Past

He showed up. I must admit, I was surprised. These situations could be a bit off-putting. I know it was difficult for me to believe when it happened so many years ago. He took a seat at a vacant table just as I received the coffee from the young barista. I studied him for a few minutes before […]

NaNoWriMo: I Just Can’t Quit You

In 2012, I wrote about failing at NaNoWriMo and, at that time, I resigned myself to the fact that it cannot be done with my schedule. I also compared it to running a marathon without training, or running a 5K after an eight hour work day with two hours of commuting. If you don’t know what […]

Don’t Call It A Comeback…Yet!

Well, here we are again. The beginning of the closing of another year. A year older and hopefully a year wiser, right? I sure hope so. It’s been since February since I’ve blogged, since I’ve written anything, really. Apart from Facebook posts, a few tweets and some snarky emails, my creativity level has been at […]

Writing On The Wall

Last Spring, I posted an appeal for my friend and blogger at 8 Days a Week about the disappearance of her brother in 2004. To recap, Damon Bonds vanished in Anchorage, Alaska, leaving his truck, his dog and cell phone on the side of the road. This evening, the local news reported a touching story about Damon, […]

Failing at NaNoWriMo: A Third and Final Time

I’d like to say that I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been busy writing my novel in The Cannonball Run for Internet writers called NaNoWriMo. November has consistently proven to be the busiest month for me, and this year didn’t disappoint. Well, actually, it did…but let’s just say that I was surprised by my inability to […]

It’s a Curious Thing

When you have all the time in the world to write, but you either can’t get your thoughts organized or you just draw a blank and you’re blocked. On the flipside of the madness, you have several topics to write about but almost no time to accomplish the task. I only have a few minutes […]


It’s been a crazy week. New job, new schedule, kids back in school, and little time to write. The weekend is now upon us and I’m making preparations for my next blog posting while waiting for the season premiere of Doctor Who tonight on BBC America. Seriously, why do we have to wait so long […]

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