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Politics Is For The Birds

During the GOP race to select an opponent for President Barack Obama, much was made of Mitt Romney’s family dog, Seamus, having to ride atop the family car during a road trip. Some said, in jest, that the race had gone to the dogs. I can understand the animal lovers who criticized the Romney family […]

5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Watching Political Conventions

Just like high school pep rallies, all that pomp and circumstance. The posturing, the cheering, and delusions of grandeur. People on both sides pour open their wallets in the mother of all parties to nominate who THEY decide we, as a nation, should elect to ignore our wishes and run this country as they see […]

How Long Can You Go Without Facebook: Shaking Social Media…Cold Turkey. 

I have completed a third full day since deactivating my Facebook account. Though the idea lingered for several weeks, the decision to do so came suddenly, and without reservation. This past Friday night, after spending several minutes scrolling and refreshing, scrolling and refreshing on my phone, I decided to put an end to it…for now. […]

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