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‘Tis The Season

The holidays. A time for family gatherings, gift giving, and binge eating.  The eggnog and wine will flow and the hearths will crackle with love and warmth. The traditions of games, stories, and the excitement that Santa Claus brings (even for the adults) can be a magical time for many. Those who are fortunate will […]

And David Danced Before The Lord

Just a few days shy of one month since David began his new journey, each of us has begun the grieving process in our own way. While some have busied themselves with tasks and to do lists, I have been doing a lot of reading. It’s not surprising to me, really. I read when I’m […]

Where Was God?

Most have probably seen the video, and all of the memes, on the social networks proclaiming that all of the violence in our schools and public places is directly related to the exclusion of God in western society. Some say there’s a correlation between the debasing of values and the extreme separation of Church and […]

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Last night, millions of children, and more than a few teenagers and adults, combed the darkened neighborhood streets in search of candy, trinkets, and treats (mostly candy) for Halloween. Over the next few days, Christians around the world will be remembering those who’ve passed on to the next step in the journey of life. This […]

5 Things I’d Like to Say…But Can’t

There are times in life when you want to say something, when you should probably say something, but social norms and etiquette dictates that it’s better to remain silent. Other times, you miss the opportunity to make a statement. And often, it is better to keep your observations to yourself because it might incite conflict…unless […]

How Long Can You Go Without Facebook: Shaking Social Media…Cold Turkey. 

I have completed a third full day since deactivating my Facebook account. Though the idea lingered for several weeks, the decision to do so came suddenly, and without reservation. This past Friday night, after spending several minutes scrolling and refreshing, scrolling and refreshing on my phone, I decided to put an end to it…for now. […]

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