Don’t Call It A Comeback…Yet!

Well, here we are again. The beginning of the closing of another year. A year older and hopefully a year wiser, right? I sure hope so.

It’s been since February since I’ve blogged, since I’ve written anything, really. Apart from Facebook posts, a few tweets and some snarky emails, my creativity level has been at an all time low. Some call it writer’s block, others call it procrastination. I don’t know what to call it, but I do realize that I’ve been hiding. Hiding in plain sight, as it were, while wearing a smile and telling jokes to hide the pain. I’m learning to manage that pain, instead of hiding from it. Besides, hiding from it is impossible, especially in those quiet hours when there’s nothing to busy the mind. The only way to get past it is to get through it and the world isn’t going to wait. There are paragraphs to write, sentences to rewrite and plenty of showing and not telling and very little time for an extended pity party. I know, I’m being too hard on myself, but someone has to do it, right?

I’ve been keeping busy during this dry spell. I’ve been reading and editing other people’s work at the Internet Writing Workshop. I’ve lost a bunch of weight and have completed three 5K races. Running has become part of my normal routine, as with anything else, I obsessed over it at the beginning. I’m beginning to manage it better now since I want to return to writing and squeeze out a few novels, if possible, before I leave this mortal coil. The weight loss will continue, I assure you. Physically, I’m feeling better. A few months past my thirty ninth birthday and I feel like I’m at least thirty four. When my fortieth rolls around, I hope to feel like I’m thirty one.

A few days ago, I wrote something new. It was just a few paragraphs that won’t turn into anything; just my writing muscles flexing is all. That’s a good sign though. I was afraid that I may never write again.  I hope to get back to my regular practice of blogging, though I’m not sure what direction the blogging will take.

Artwork by James Linares

Also, during the past year, my mostly ignored collection of flash fiction Chances has been on sale at, in both print and digital editions. I’m not very good in the marketing part of the writing biz, and relying on word-of-mouth barely gets you past family and friends. It’s priced really low, so buy one for your Kindle, and maybe one for your coffee table. The stories are short enough to read between commercials.


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