A quick knock on the door followed the doorbell. We were just home from church and were busy straightening up the house before the Superbowl coverage began. We weren’t expecting anyone at that time and assumed that one or more of the neighborhood kids were on the other side of the door.

“You can’t go out to play until we’re finished cleaning,” Melissa reminded the kids.

She opened the door and I heard a voice say, “Is your daughter friends with Kevin Tran?”

“Kevin Tran?” I answered. “He’s in high school, he’s Nic’s friend. I know Kevin.”

Nic is our fifteen year old son. Kevin and Nic were football teammates in junior high and friends in high school.

“He’s missing,” she said to me. “He ran away and we can’t find him. He didn’t come home on January 30. We don’t know where he could be. He’s turned off his phone. We need to find him.”

The lady, a petite woman whom we would learn is Kevin’s aunt, held out a piece of paper with a phone number written on it. She said that Kevin had been texting the number the morning he disappeared. The number belonged to our son, but the phone is registered to my wife, so naturally, she assumed that our daughter’s name was Melissa.

The texts were still on his phone. Kevin said he was going to run away, but he didn’t say where he would go. Our son sent a few more texts that day, but Kevin never answered again.

My worst fear, as a parent, has always been losing child. Whether the child is abducted or runs away, the fear is the same. I cannot begin to understand what his family is going through. Our children will never appreciate the stress and agony parents face until they have their own. Sadly, for some kids, they may never get the chance.

If you are inclined, please join with me in prayer that Kevin is found soon. That he is safe and staying with friends. If you don’t want to pray, that’s fine, but please send positive vibes to his family and keep an eye peeled for this teenager if you’re in the Houston, Austin, Dallas areas. Runaways tend to end up in the inner city areas.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Kevin Tran, please call the numbers in the picture below.

Kevin, please come home.


UPDATE 2/10/13



  1. sending prayers!

    1. Thanks for reading, Beth.

  2. I hate how often I see these stories. I hope that he is found safe.

    1. Me, too. Thanks for reading, Courtney.

  3. I am nowhere near Houston, but I will certainly be saying a prayer for his safe return. Please keep us posted.

    1. Thank you, I will.

  4. This is very sad…I hope the young man will return home safe and sound.

    1. Fortunately, he is safe and sound. I’m not sure that he’s with his family. I understand there are some underlying issues with his father and he’s been living with his aunt and uncle. Of course, this has all been second hand information for me. My son has been in contact with him and we know that he is safe. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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