Politics Is For The Birds

During the GOP race to select an opponent for President Barack Obama, much was made of Mitt Romney’s family dog, Seamus, having to ride atop the family car during a road trip. Some said, in jest, that the race had gone to the dogs. I can understand the animal lovers who criticized the Romney family for the treatment of their family pet, but to say that he couldn’t be the POTUS seemed a stretch at best, to me. Besides, this was years ago and haven’t we all made decisions years ago that we wouldn’t be proud of today? There’s many reasons why Mitt Romney might not be fit for office, as there are many reasons why Obama shouldn’t receive a second term, but I can’t count this among them.

And now, it seems that Mitt is moving backwards along the evolutionary chain from mammals to foul. It now seems that Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang has entered the fray. If elected, Romney vowed to cut the government subsidy to PBS and this could mean an end to Big Bird. And Jim Lehrer. It’s funny how no one seems to be upset about poor Jim. Everywhere you look on the internet, you can see memes, both red and blue, featuring Big Bird or his supporting cast.


Really? Sesame Street isn’t going anywhere, folks. Maybe the Antiques Road Show will be on the road less, or Rick Steves will have to stay in the European version of Motel 6. PBS isn’t going anywhere. They will just add a third pledge drive during the year to make up for the small subsidy that they stand to lose if Romney is elected. We will continue to see Austin City Limits, reruns of British comedies from the 1970’s, and all the good stuff will be interrupted by the pledge drive. Everything will continue as normal, as long as we wish to focus on the smoke and mirrors, instead of the reality that’s not be discussed or debated by the four people who want to lead our nation.

We’re too distracted by Big Bird and Seamus to realize that they are ducking the real issues: unemployment, health care, becoming self-reliant on energy, the environment, an aging baby boomer population, Social Security, secure borders, same sex unions/marriages, what to do about Iran/Israel, more importantly what to do about Pakistan/India, fair trade with China, why our farmers aren’t farming and paid to undercut their crops, how long should a war on terror last, education, financial security, voter rights, freedom on the internet, the invasive Patriot Act, unmanned drones patrolling neighborhoods in the USA (why isn’t anyone concerned about this???), real religious freedom, state’s rights, gun legislation, and why Congress can’t be under the same social security and health care system that they govern for their constituents.

These are the real issues, my friends. They don’t want to talk about the real issues. They don’t want us talking about the real issues. Which is why we’re talking about Big Bird, Joe The Plumber, and the shining city on the hill.

We keep seeing political ads on both sides give warning about the future we are leaving to our children. This generation of leaders, who we’ve elected with either our vote or our refusal to vote, are ducking the real issues and they’re passing it on to us. Soon, it will be up to us to clean up the mess they leave, but no one will be interested in hearing our cries and warnings. Those that could hear will be busy watching the next reality TV program or hustling coupons in their quest to horde all of the cinnamon tooth paste in the county.



  1. No one seems to be upset about poor Jim. That is so funny because it’s true. And it’s also true Big Bird isn’t going anywhere. I think the most relevant thing about all this is the fact that ending the subsidy to PBS won’t make the slightest dent in the debt. Let’s get real, people!

    1. You have to admit, Irma, that it did get people talking…talking enough to notice that they’re not talking about the real issues that face this country. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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