My Bucket List: Redux

“Every writer I know has trouble writing.” –  Joseph Heller

There’s nothing more frustrating for me than the writing process. I consider myself a binge writer. Just the other day, I was a wordsmithing madman and over the last few days…nothing. Not even an email has been written. There have been some tweets, some status updates, and text messages, but nothing that would be classified as creative writing.

I’ve read that Stephen King can go for months without writing a single word and then all of a sudden he writes like a man obsessed. Dean Koontz, on the other hand, is more disciplined. He sets aside six to eight hours each day to write…something…anything. I’m not saying I write like Stephen King, let’s just say our process seems to be the same. I’m not totally delusional. However, it would be nice if I could be a little more Dean Koontz.

I’ve tried all of the free writing exercises (which this one is an example), but most of the time they end up being highlighted and then subsequently deleted. I hope this one will make it…

One of the techniques that I like to do is to look back at what I have written, both what has been published and what sits in their neat little folders inside my computer. It is interesting to me how my writing has improved. I see mistakes now, that I didn’t see then. And when I look back at this one, I’ll probably regret my liberal, and inappropriate, use of the ellipsis.

Most of what I’ve written in the past, I wouldn’t publish now. I’m glad for it then, but now I don’t think the content is up to where I like it to be now. I would definitely rewrite any of them if I were going to republish in a blog or send off for publication.

All, except for one. I posted the following as a note on my Facebook page in 2010.  I was party to one of those viral notes (I was recently a victim/perpetrator of one or two on my blog) where you are tagged by a friend and you must complete the note and tag others. This viral e-chain letter was titled My Bucket List and we were supposed to list the top ten things we want to do before we die. Here’s what I wrote…

My Bucket List

1. See my children grow to be successful and responsible adults. Spoil my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

2. Look back on my life and feel content that I was able to touch the lives of people around me, and made a difference in their lives. To serve their needs and support their dreams.

3. To collaborate with another writer/artist and create memorable works for the stage or screen. To finish at least one novel and become published.

And now for the more selfish motivations:

4. Fly co-pilot in an F-14.

5. Write a screenplay for Law and Order.

6. Play in a band in front of a real audience…not a pseudo-band like I’m in now.

7. Visit India, China, Thailand, Philippines.

8. Live in Ireland and England.

9. Find myself in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

10. Meet all my Facebook friends in person.

What’s on your bucket list?



  1. I think you need to write more bucket list items… This is all something that can easily be done in the near future short of the children and grand children and great grand children… You have a lot of time left… If you are like me I plan on living until I am at least 100

    1. I do have more, many more, items…I just narrowed it down for the blog. I don’t want to live longer than my purpose, though. No need in hanging on, right? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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