My Not-So-Infinite Playlist: Friday Night Dance Party Returns

I miss the old Friday Night Dance Parties. No, not the dance parties at the high school or civic center. I mean the internet dance parties on MySpace and Facebook. Where you and your friends will spend most of Friday evening, and well into Saturday morning, posting your favorite music videos. Commenting and liking, and posting again. Our friends who had real social lives, you know, the single ones who hadn’t given up the dating scene, would wake up around noon on Saturday and find their wall full of music videos from the 1980’s, and 1990’s…and even some from the 1960’s, if my Dad was awake and partying.

I miss those good ol’ days, before everyone became serious- or did they delete me? I think we need a little more fun in our lives. I will try to do for the Friday Night Dance Party that Justin Timberlake did for sexy, I’m going to bring it back by posting a music video blog every Friday or Saturday night, if possible.

Obviously, the title of this was inspired by the movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. It was such a great movie, have you seen it? I was just like Nick back in high school, except I’m not Jewish and I didn’t play in a band. Well, I sorta played in a band, but I think they just needed a rhythm guitar player. And by rhythm guitar, I think they just needed another person to round out the ensemble. I’m not even sure my amplifier was turned on…

In school, I was the master of the mixed tape. I would patiently wait for the DJ to talk through the intro and press record as soon as he stopped talking. Later, I couldn’t wait until I got my first dual-cassette player so I could dub more masters. I was Napster before Napster was…it just never occurred to me to create mixed tapes for other people.

Instead of listing my favorite songs ad nauseam, I’ve decided to create a top five list of my favorite tunes. I’m a list maker, I can’t help it. And it’s not so much my top favorites, it’s really just my five favorite songs, across all genres, that I could come up with without thinking too hard. So, without further ado (because “adieu” would mean something totally different!) I present: My Not-So-Infinite Playlist






I leave you with these final words of wisdom, from a basement somewhere in Aurora, Illinois,

“Party on, Wayne.”

“Party on, Garth.”


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