5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Watching Political Conventions

Just like high school pep rallies, all that pomp and circumstance. The posturing, the cheering, and delusions of grandeur. People on both sides pour open their wallets in the mother of all parties to nominate who THEY decide we, as a nation, should elect to ignore our wishes and run this country as they see fit. I’m not impressed.


And that’s as political as I’m willing to get. Don’t get me wrong, I have an opinion, I have my own agenda. I am a citizen and I know what’s best for my family. Neither side will completely change my mind, because neither side has to provide for my family. So, instead, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Watching Political Conventions. Though, you probably won’t see this blog until tomorrow, since most of the nation is caught up in all the hoopla.

1. Facebooking
ImageI’d rather be hanging out on Facebook, playing/posting music videos, reading interesting articles, or just being silly with my online friends. But I can’t do that because it seems the majority of my friends are providing a play-by-play of the current convention. Do you remember when social networking was fun?

2. Pierce My Nose/Eyebrow/Lip

ImageYes, I’d rather stick a needle into my flesh and endure the intense pain than watch men and women dressed in clothing that cost more than my car (that’s a ballpark figure). But since the convention is on for several nights, I would have to pierce for several hours, in several different places. I don’t think my employer would appreciate that.







3. Depoop the Neighbor’s Backyard
ImageMy neighbor has a big dog, a chocolate lab. They also have a pool in their backyard which doesn’t leave much room for him to do his business. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me following him around with a trash bag and rubber gloves. Though…he might not care for it.

4. Watch Titanic…Again.

Yes…I would watch the improbable Jack Dawson try to score with the rich American chick, played by a British chick, who is portraying the younger version of the old lady who threw the jewel off the side of the boat. That thing was priceless!!! Do you know how many hips she could have bought with that???

5. Listen to the Sound of the Vuvuzela for 10 hours

The otic torture of the World Cup. We couldn’t bear the din of noise then, but I’d welcome it over the shrill screams of the pundits and puppets who tote the party line.



  1. I worked last night instead of watching and I missed Project Runway! so upset! that’s 2 weeks in a row!

    1. I’m sorry, Beth. I’ve pretty much given up on TV. If it’s not the RNC or the DNC, it’s Toddler’s and Tiaras, Teen Moms, and something awful called Honey Boo Boo.

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