The Crisis Meeting

The atmosphere buzzed with nervous energy as everyone made their way into the boardroom. They took their respective places at the long mahogany table. Glancing from one to the other, they searched for information on their co-worker’s faces. Some appeared worried and others just looked curious as to why they were called at this late hour.

The CEO entered carrying a briefcase in one hand and a manilla envelope in the other. The envelope looked to be the inner-office type, only this one was secured with a wax seal.

“Ahem.” The CEO began. “First of all, I would like to thank everyone for showing up on short notice. I promise this will be brief and you can back to your families and Sunday activities, as soon as we finish.”

With those words, everyone settled into their high-back leather chairs. No one will be sacked today, some thought. If someone were to receive a pink slip and a cardboard box to collect their personal effects, it might be in another department.

“I think you all know by now what’s been going on.” Everyone nodded. “I just want to be the first to say ‘well done!’ You guys pulled together and achieved something great yesterday. Give yourselves a round of applause.

The room erupted in enthusiastic clapping. Handshakes, back-patting, and excited chatter replaced the din of uncoordinated hand percussion. They were all pleased with themselves. As they should have been; it’s not everyday a writer is Freshly Pressed.

After a few moments, the CEO called the boardroom to order and began to lay out plans for the next blog.

“Sir,” Self-Doubt raised her hand and interrupted. “What if we can’t top it? I mean, we weren’t even trying to get Freshly Pressed with that particular post. Now we have so many readers and subscribers. Up until Friday, our average weekly views had been 3 per week, with two followers. We rarely even receive a comment. On Saturday, we had well over 1,500 views and so many followers and comments. What if we never write again. Think of all the disappointed people.”

“Okay, okay, calm down.” He said in that fatherly way of gently, patiently soothing a frightened child. “You’re right. We didn’t set out for that distinction. Not yet, at least. But now that we have, we just have to be proud for the moment and then get back to work. What’s important is the craft. The praise and the awards will come if they come. The only thing we can control is the writing.”

“I guess you’re right,” she sheepishly said. “It’s just a little weird knowing that so many people will be reading us now.”

Reason interrupted, “That’s what we set out for, don’t you see? I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to speak out of turn.” The CEO smiled and nodded to Reason giving his permission to continue. “We want people to read our work,” she said. “That’s why we post links to the blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s also why we tag each blog to try to drive readers to our post.”

“You know, she’s right.” Reassurance added. “It’s going to be okay, like the CEO said, we need to stay busy and write, write, write.”

Ego leaned back and put a sandled foot on the table. “Personally, I think this is going to be easier from now on. We can literally write straight jibberish and we’ll easily win again.”

“It’s that kind of thinking that gets our hopes up only to let us down, Ego.” The CEO continued, “We must not rest and keep our noses to the grind. Reassurance is right. The only way to maintain our audience is to continue writing. Daily, if possible. But the work must be good. The public will know the difference.”

“On that note,” the CEO said as he held up the manilla folder in his hand. “This is our next blog topic.”

They all pulled out their pens and notepads and prepared to take notes. As he prepared to break the seal, he looked around the room. He searched the faces of every member assembled. He looked at his watch, checked the clock on the wall, and said, “Where the hell is Muse?”

“Sir,” Self-Doubt spoke up. “I saw his tweet late last night. He was partying with Snookie. We’re never going to write again, are we?”

The CEO sighed, shook his head, and dismissed the staff until Monday.



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