How Long Can You Go Without Facebook: Shaking Social Media…Cold Turkey. 

I have completed a third full day since deactivating my Facebook account. Though the idea lingered for several weeks, the decision to do so came suddenly, and without reservation.

This past Friday night, after spending several minutes scrolling and refreshing, scrolling and refreshing on my phone, I decided to put an end to it…for now. No fanfare, no warning to family and friends. No giving out my email address or phone number.

I won’t be gone for long. I just need a break from politics, religious infighting, snarky memes, a–hole landlords,demanding bosses and inconsiderate co-workers.

Like a recovering addict, Facebook has been on my mind the whole time. Something will happen and I’ll want to weigh in on it sarcastically. I’ll see a cute picture of a kitten and think about posting it on my wall. A song comes on the radio while driving and I think of the best line that I could post as my status.

So far my little trial is working. I haven’t reactivated…yet.

How long can YOU go without your Facebook?



  1. Too much jabber-jabber on FB. I look at it maybe once every couple of weeks unless somebody tells me I need to see something. I’d rather read a novel.

    1. It’s getting easier to resist the urge to reactivate, but my mind is still trapped in the virtual vapor lock. I had a bad case of the shakes this morning, I thought it may be the body’s reaction to the online detox. Turns out, the AC was set too low last night…

  2. Courtney · · Reply

    My husband once told me that the moment that we try to describe the beauty of a sunset, we have removed ourselves from its beauty and it is diminished because of it. That only by being fully present can we truly experience the awe. I, however, do not feel that I truly experience anything until I have shared it with those that I love. Who’s to know who is right, but for me FB has allowed to be in touch with so many that I otherwise wouldn’t have the time for. Although I did recently delete a bunch of people and it was a great weight lifted.

  3. And your husband SHOULD write and submit. Really…that’s good stuff. I don’t hate Facebook or other social media forums. It’s a part of our society now. And it can be a meaningful means of communication. As long as it doesn’t control you, as I feel it was doing to me. I would waste HUGE amounts of time on Facebook doing actually nothing. Just refreshing and reading. Books, both real and electronic, have been piling up for months, years even. They’re not going to be read as long as I let Facebook dictate my time. Once I’ve broken the habit, I’ll return as long as I can fit Facebook into my time and not the other way around.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Courtney.

  4. About 5 months ago I posted on my facebook status: “Thinking of leaving facebook”. But I haven’t done it. Maybe this will push me to “man up” (it really is a sexist expression I guess) — and pull the plug.

  5. Again, this comment must have been overlooked by WordPress. Facebook really pulls us in, but instead of pulling the plug, we must learn to make the social media to work for us…instead of us working for the social media. I started by deactivating my notifications on my phone. I still want to use the mobile format, but only when I choose to use it. I “pulled the plug” for about four days. That seemed to do the trick to create enough detachment that lessened the sense of dependency on social media. We’ll never be truly rid of it, now that it’s here. Sort of like the automobile. Yes, it’s expensive to maintain and bad for the environment, but I don’t see us reverting back to the horse and buggy for transportation.

  6. I have been going for about a week. My goal is to wait and get 1000 notifications. I have stumbled across other blogs and interesting topics most of the New York Times. It’s trading one vice for another.

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