Update: I’m Still Writing…

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell as far as writing is concerned lately. I wouldn’t call it a block, I’ve had trouble finding time to write. Due to deaths in the family, a tortuous work schedule, the holidays and school plays and band performances, I have taken to recording short little phrases, story ideas or scenarios that come to mind. I’ve been adding these to the notes application on my BlackBerry phone. While I’m not “actually” writing, I feel like I’m still trying to keep the process working until I can find the time to let my mind go.

I tired the NaWriMo this past November and failed miserably. Where I planned to start my crime/mystery novel, I only wrote a little more than 200 words.

I’m always amazed at how the writer’s mind works. Recently, I’ve written two flash pieces that seemingly came out of nowhere. I felt compelled to write both, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything until I sat down to write. I wish my Muse would be a little more consistent than that!

Both works are currently in the critique/rewrite process, but I hope to be ready to send out for publication soon, along with several other stories that I’ve neglected.

As usual, when/if they are published, I’ll announce it here.



  1. This dry phase, too, shall pass. The Blackberry is an amazing little gizmo, isn’t it? Your recent flash pieces only seemed to come from nowhere. The ideas are inside you, and they will emerge.

  2. Flash pieces are often the basis for longer pieces — churn them out if you can! You will always pillage them for material! 🙂

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